Autumn hair

The season of pumpkins and fireworks is upon us and presents the perfect time to turn a new leaf when it comes to your hair. Whether you wish to grow out your relaxer, opt for a revitalising colour change or go for that adventurous new cut, now is a good time.

If you wish to grow out your relaxer

Patience is the key ingredient here as growing out relaxer without going for the 'big chop' can take up to 12 months.

Hair extensions, weaving or braiding is one way to speed up the process. To ensure hair stays healthy, extensions should be removed after three months.  Trim and condition your hair before replacing hair extensions.

Growing out your relaxer gradually is a good option. However, this requires hair to be trimmed every six weeks to minimise breakage, which so often happens during this phase.

Making use of keratin treatments and intense conditioning treatments are effective ways to ease your hair out of the relaxed phase. This, combined with six-weekly trims will keep hair looking good and healthy during the transition.

Cococheno offers an express keratin treatment to smooth out your natural strands as they continue to grow.

Embracing the season with a new colour

Highlights, lowlights, semi-permanent and in which tones. There are so many to choose from, but which will work for you?

Semi permanent colours are a gentle way to update your hair.  It adds sheen and can give you a gentle colour boost. A  great way to add autumnal hues.

Add highlights, lowlights or slices of subtle autumnal tones to update your look.

Please note, however, that a 24-hour skin test and a consultation must be carried out before all colour processes can be done.

Easy ways to restyle

Adding a fringe is an easy way to update your look.  Go for a full  or a swept fringe for a dramatic effect. If you want more, then a brand new cut, like going from long to lob or lob to bob will most certainly deliver a new you this season. 

If a fringe, colour or full crop is not for you, then perhaps a change to hair maintenance will give your hair the reboot it needs. A trim every 6-8 weeks combined with an intense conditioning treatment will keep hair healthy, glossy and easy to manage.

Still unsure? Cococheno offers a complimentary consultation giving you the opportunity to explore various options and solutions for your hair. Give us a call to book yours!