Healthy hair - how to achieve the ultimate hair goal

January is that time of year when we see the usual bold attempts to kick old habits and start a healthier lifestyle — a new diet, a 'dry' January, and often exercise plans too ambitious to actually stick to.

Every year also sees its own set of new superfoods, new products with its own special ingredient or that new secret to perfect hair. 2018 will no doubt be the same.

2017 did see its fair share of iconic products. At Cococheno, we love the Olaplex system and our in-salon keratin express treatment, but throughout the years of being in the business of hair, our conclusions are always the same - no matter the hair texture, healthy hair is what actually equals good hair.

So, how do we get to this end goal?

"Healthy hair is not solely dependent on the new super ingredient", says professional stylist and owner of Cococheno, Leonie Northey.

"For the most part it is a combination of know-how, the right products for your hair type and a healthy you."

That's right. What you put into your body makes a difference to your hair. It makes a difference to how strong your hair is and how fast it grows. Therefore, things like a healthy diet, keeping hydrated and good sleep all contribute to the overall health of your hair, from scalp to strand.

Do what works for your own hair texture.

Knowing how to work with your own hair is another key ingredient.

"Everybody is different and with so much information online and so many products to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to determine what works.  Therefore a good starting point is to speak to your stylist about your hair texture and to get guidance on the best products and methods that work for you," says Leonie.

How often do we go to the salon for a new cut only to find our hair looking worse for wear by the time we get to our next salon appointment.

 "Make the good work done by your professional stylist go the extra mile, by knowing how to maintain and nourish your hair at home, " says Leonie.

Salon trips are not just for special occasions

In-salon conditioning treatments and a regular trim make a big difference to how manageable your hair will be overall. Hair struggle to grow and strands can look dull or be prone to tangling, if it's having to compete with dead ends. Keeping on top of this kind of maintenance can help to make light work of your haircare regime at home.

If you are still stuck for hair care solutions, give us a call to book a complimentary consultation with one of our professional stylists.

Ernestine Allen