Sleeping Beauty

Team Cococheno has come up with a few simple additions to your haircare regime at night that will protect your strands whilst sleeping and make styling hair in the morning easier.

A silk pillowcase

In the beauty industry, these are often called beauty pillow cases as not only do these pillowcases reduce breakage and protect the moisture in your strands, but it also helps to keep your skin moisturised, whilst sleeping. For those who do not like to have their hair wrapped at night, these pillowcases offer a practical solution. Makes looking good so easy if you are always travelling for work. Just pop it into the suitcase.

The hair wrap

With hair wrapping there are several options. Keracare has a wonderful wrap lotion that leaves hair glossy with no sticky residue.

How to use it?

Wrap lotion is like a mousse. It foams more, it's lighter, more moisturising  and gives hair hold, sheen and movement.

Foam wrap is applied to shampooed and conditioned hair. The hair is then combed into the direction you would like it styled in.  

Hair can be dried naturally if you are at home and do not have a hood dryer, or under a hood dryer.  It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how thick the hair is.

Wrapping gives hair a sleek finish with lots of  movement, hair can either be curled or left natural.  Add serum to finish.

The Wrap Hairband

If the process of the full hair wrap is too high maintenance for your liking you can simply use the mesh wrap hairband. Brush or comb your hair into your preferred style and wrap the band around your hair fastening the ends with the velcro strap at the end. It keeps your strands in place to stop flyaways from frizzing whilst you sleep.

It can also be used just like a hairband to cover the hairline, protecting this part of your hair, which is often fragile and prone to breakage. This also keeps hair away from your face at night, making breakouts less likely.

The mesh wrap is perfect for warmer evenings or even if you tend to get hot at night and would prefer not to have a full wrap on your head at night. It really is quite minimalist.

The mesh hair band wrap is available at Cococheno.

Silk scarf

 So simple, but very effective as silk is really gentle on your strands. You can either wrap all your hair in a silk scarf or just fold into a hair band and wrap around your hairline to keep breakage at bay and hair moisturised.

Hair products and styling tools

We mentioned Keracare wrapping lotion for a full wrap. It is a product purposely developed for hair wrapping and works really well.  If you are not after a full wrap, but want your hair to be moisturised and refreshed, you can also opt for a product like Keratherapy Rapid Rescue. A spritz or two on your hair is often enough with this product, or simply spritz on to your hair brush before brushing your strands before bed or in the morning.

At Cococheno, we love Cloud Nine hair straighteners because of its temperature setting. The lower settings are perfect for little touch ups in the morning and minimises heat damage when used on the lower settings.

Finally, here's to getting enough beauty sleep! Stay fabulous.