How to get good morning curls!

Last month we talked about our haircare regime at night time to help us stay fabulous for hectic mornings. This blog will focus on curls and how we control and manage our curly hair, which can often take a long time to style.

Curly hair can be somewhat unpredictable and the go-to styling aid is often water, which not only damages and weakens the strands, but who wants to walk with wet hair all the time?

 Team Cococheno has put together some top tips for managing your curls at night to keep strands moisturised and ready for styling the next morning.

 Pin Curls

This sounds rather old school, but it does work a treat. Pinning your curls keeps them in place so that they are still in the right place after a night's sleep. Sounds funny, but if you have curly hair, you will understand what we are saying.

 Sleep on silk or a satin pillow case

The beauty pillowcase is such a simple way to keep your hair moisturised, which will help keep the frizzies at bay. It is also renowned for making your face moisturiser work its magic as satin or silk is not as drying as cotton - so, you look fabulously 'Hollywood' when you wake up.

 High pony tail

Put your hair into a high pony tail and place  silk scarf or wrap cap/band around the hairline.

 Simple twist or braid

Gently section hair and loosely twist or braid to minimise disturbing curls. Unravel the twists or braids in the morning. Spray with your favourite cocktail of sheen spray or leave-in serum to revive curls.

 Products to love

Team Cococheno loves Moroccanoil's Intense Curl Cream. Great for twisting your hair, reviving and moisturising curls. Available at Cococheno.

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