Products to Love - Keratherapy 20-in-1 Miracle Leave In

In our last post, we talked about iconic products that transform how we take care of and style our hair. A product, which Team Cococheno has fallen in love with, is Keratherapy 20-in-1 Miracle Leave-In.

Everyone who knows me at Cococheno, knows that I am a product junkie. I have tried and tested the good, the bad and the ugly from various product lines over the years, with many of the good ones (unsurprisingly) recommended to me by the stylists at Cococheno. These ladies know hair!

I was therefore very excited about trying Keratherapy 20-in-1 Miracle Leave-In. It is a hair cream that promises to do no less than twenty amazing things for your hair. I have spent the past year growing out my relaxer and therefore committed to keeping my hair healthy from scalp to strand. (My hair is finally natural! Yay!) Being used to the promises made by hair and beauty companies, designed to help you part with your cash, I was skeptical.

I love the packaging. The bronze can with pump dispenser not only looks good on the shelf, but allows you to pump out just enough product. No messing, no spilling and no wasting of product. A little goes a long way too.

The subtle fragrance sort of disappears once you start styling, which is good. Fragrance is so subjective. So, the subtle fragrance ticks another box (for me anyway).

I have also never been a great fan of leave-in creams as I don't like hair product sitting on top of my clean hair. This product from Keratherapy is once again, different. This cream seems to disappear into the hair during blow drying. Once I've heat styled my hair with either my GHDs or Cloud Nines, my hair feels soft, silky, conditioned and most importantly, has no greasy residue.

Keratherapy 20-in-1 gave me glossy and manageable hair. Not just on wash-and-style day, but until the next wash. Since wash day, I have only boosted my hair with a small amount of dry oil.  This product will take pride of place on my shelf next to Sebastian Professional's Dark Oil and will be used as part of my overall healthy hair care routine.

Thanks to Cococheno, my product hunting days may well and truly be over!

Keratherapy 20-in-1 Miracle Leave-In is sold at Cococheno for £17.50.

Benefits: Softens, Smoothes, Restores, Detangles, Adds Shine, Increases Body, Enhances Moisture Balance, Evens Porosity, Blocks Humidity, Eliminates Frizz, Provides UV Protection, Seals Cuticle, Improves Manageability, Extends Color, Promotes Elasticity, Prevents breakage, Protects From Heat, Mends Split Ends, Controls Static, Rebuilds Damaged Hair (Phew!)


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Product tried and tested by Ernestine Allen. Check out our Facebook Page for our regular Product of the Week feature.

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Ernestine Allen