Team Cococheno's top hairstyle picks

How often do we find ourselves utterly bored with our hair? At Cococheno we are always on the lookout for the latest styles or we stick firmly to the classics. Team Cococheno has come up with some looks to love that would actually look good right now.

The classic bob

First made its appearance in the 1915's and by the 1920's every woman who had any sense of style and fashion had their hair styled in the bob. Today, the bob is an all star classic. Stylish, sassy and with multiple variations now in existence, it is the look that keeps on giving. What we love about the bob is that whether your hair is super straight, bouncy curly or tighter curl, there is a variation that would suit you.

The Diva Afro

The afro is a real celebration of afro hair texture. Today, the afro can be worn with a statement curl or a twist, which provides other stylish variations of this classic look. We love the fact that people are starting to embrace this look and their natural hair once again. The 'Diva Afro' is just perfect for parties and stylish get-togethers.

Dramatic Fringes

The fringe is probably the first cut we give ourselves as kids. Fortunately, stylists have found numerous ways to re-invent this very simple cut into a fashion forward look. And there are plenty of options to choose from - full bangs, curly fringes, micro bangs, curtain fringes, side fringe (the list goes on!). The fringe gives our faces an entirely different look, so do chat to your stylist before getting the chop as your face shape may well determine which bangs you go for.

Tumbling Waves

Maybe it's the Game of Thrones influence, but tumbling waves are very much here. Romantic and softer than the super sleek and straight look, this look is given the added edge when combined with the colour trends like balayage, mermaid and hidden rainbows, silver and white and pastel tones.

Whatever your hair goals may be, do speak to your stylist at Cococheno to discuss what will work for you.