Easy braids loved by Team Cococheno

Braids have been a staple hairstyle for many, for decades and thanks to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, braids are given the attention it deserves. Today, braids are seen on catwalks, the red carpet and magazines. With a click or tap on our phones, we now have access to so many variations to inspire our look and online tutorials to guide us.

Team Cococheno has put together their favourite braids - chosen because these not only look great, but  are oh so easy to style.

The Halo Braid

This is the boho look that has transcended the traditional milk maid, moved on to the summer festival and then swiftly on to the red carpet and catwalks for some of the most noteworthy designers in fashion today. We love this look at Cococheno because, braided the right way, it looks sexy and simultaneously doubles up as a hair accessory.

The Side Braid

Side braids add an instant edge to your look, without having to resort to the shaved side. In the pic below, we added two small braids to add some interest to a short bob. Otherwise, use your comb to make a side parting and braid along the side for that edgy 'rock chick' look. You can also weave in some tiny hair rings in silver or gold to accessorise further.

The Box Braid

The box braid is iconic and can be worn in so many ways - long and flowy, in a top knot, in a halo braid, a side bun - the list goes on. Here colour can also come into play, making the box braid as versatile as any. Adding blonde extensions or having colour threaded through the braid adds another layer of interest to this look.

Two Braid Cornrows

This style has been around for decades and it still looks current. So simple and useful in that it keeps hair tidy, whether on the school playground, at college, at the gym or Saturday morning shopping.

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids provide a quick and easy way to add an extra special edge to your braids. This is a smart and low maintenance look for the summer holidays and can be glammed up for special occasions. We incorporated Ghana braids to add texture and interest to a classic chignon in our style shoot last year - a look later featured in Black Beauty and Hair magazine.

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Ernestine Allen