The Keratin Blow Dry. What is it and why is it changing hair straightening?

The keratin blow dry has been smoothing out waves for a few years now and has slowly become the go-to salon treatment for straightening our strands.  Our attitude to our hair is changing. We have embraced our curls, we want to go natural, but most importantly, we want flexibility when it comes to our look. We want our hair to cope with the fast-paced life we are living. We want to be selfie- ready, interview-ready, office-ready, cocktail-ready, school-run ready with minimal fuss.

But what is the keratin blow dry and why all the fuss?

Keratin blow dry is simply a smoothing treatment. It is an in-salon treatment best administered by professional stylists for best results. The great thing about the keratin blowdry is that you do not completely lose your natural curl.

The treatment allows for faster blow drying time, which minimises heat damage during styling. Some of our clients achieve a straight blowdry at home with just a vented paddle brush. That’s before hair straighteners have even worked its magic for that perfect finish.

The quality of the treatments available have also changed.

At Cococheno, the treatment we use includes Tamanu oils, Argan oils, Rosemary leaf extract and Jojoba oil. These wonderful ingredients leave your hair shiny, moisturised and manageable with superior straightening results. Most importantly, the treatment is less drying and much kinder to your scalp, making healthier hair an achievable goal.

We offer two versions of the keratin blow dry. One is an express treatment, which takes less time in the salon and can last for up to 8 weeks and a full keratin blow dry, which takes a bit longer to apply, but with results that can last up to 12 months! You also receive a moisturising shampoo and conditioner set for use at home after the full keratin treatment.

A final word on maintenance…

Keeping your hair in tip top shape is really all about maintenance. Deep conditioning treatments and having your ends trimmed will help to extend the keratin blow dry and keep your hair looking fab on the fly.

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