What is Olaplex and why is it a game changer?

You’ve probably heard about Olaplex from Team Cococheno, but what is it and why is it a game changer for your hair?

 Olaplex is an in-salon hair treatment system that repairs the broken bonds in your hair strands. Broken bonds are often a result of chemical hair treatments and colour work. Professional stylists will use Olaplex alongside your next colour or highlights to aid the repair of your hair, allowing you to embrace adventure with colour, but without damaging your hair. Colour looks better when your hair is healthy and shiny.

 This works the same in the case of straightening treatments and therefore Olaplex is very effective as an intermittent treatment if you like having your strands straight, but don’t want to compromise the health of your hair. Some of our clients would have the keratin blowdry, but have an Olaplex at their next salon treatment along with a trim to maintain the health of their hair.

 The Olaplex in-salon system is followed by an at-home treatment, which is used the next time you wash your hair. This is called No.3 Hair Perfector.

 No.3 Hair Perfector is used as a pre-treatment prior to shampoo and some of our clients like to apply the treatment overnight to really allow the treatment to work its magic. This is of course not necessary, but an option.

 Also part of the range are the No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner and No. 6 Bond Smoother, a reparative smoothing styling cream, to allow you to continue to repair and maintain healthy hair at home as part of your haircare regime.

The No.7 Bonding Oil is the most recent addition to the range, which can be used on damp hair as a styling oil and on dry hair as a finishing oil.

 We are yet to trial No. 7, but No.3 to No.6 are brilliant products. However, these are only really effective if you’ve started off the process with the in-salon treatment. The reparative process starts there.

 If you would like to book an Olaplex treatment at Cococheno, call us on 0117 925 7700. Cococheno is also a stockist of the Olaplex haircare range and therefore you can add the full range to your haircare routine.